Ravenclaw Eagles14!!!!!

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  • Ravenclaw Eagles14!!!!!

    Written By: Carter

    Edited By: Milly

    Characters Development: Carter, Annie, Milly, Daniel, Ben, and Leslie

    Tributes So I need some more tributes if you want them to be in my story just tell me and I will put them in.


    One - Carter

    Two - Annie

    Three - Leslie

    Four - Milly

    Five -

    Six -

    Seven - Ben

    Eight -

    Nine -

    Ten -

    Eleven -

    Twelve - Daniel

    District One Reaping

    By Two all citizens are present in front of the gleaming, District One Justice Building. All citizens are wearing beautifully lavished clothes and there are sparkles and all sorts of precious stones and gemstones glittering all over the crowd. The mentors, the escort, and the Mayor are already all seated on the stage and the escort seems to be waiting impatiently for the Reaping to start. Fin…

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